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what's a halloween in China?

what's a halloween in China?
Issue Time:2016-11-02

Halloween is a traditional festival in the west, the ghost festival in western countries.However, with the development of the society, many Chinese also gradually began to Halloween.But every place way of holidays and customs are different.So, what's a Halloween in China?
Next, let us together and see it!

This day each year, each will launch ghost face pumpkins in the supermarket, you can buy a home, to celebrate the arrival of the holiday, after the festival can also cooked,

Take the pumpkin light which filled with candy, and then put on clothes ghost, send children sugar everywhere.While western children is wearing a face mask to people from door to door begging for candy, but this cannot be realized in China's basic, so we can instead of.
About a few friends, and then in the Halloween night to the KTV package box, the atmosphere of the room dressed in Halloween, then you can play.
A man of courage can also in droves, dressed in strange  ghost mask, dress up as a ghost to street parade, the lead is one hundred percent.
Find a few friends home for dinner, to discuss the cultural background of Halloween, to understand foreign culture.This not only can enrich each other's knowledge, but also to get together with friends.